About Us


Some thoughts from the founder, Mark Silvestri Jr.

After decades of working in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and other related process industries, it became a passion removing boundaries, barriers, and bottlenecks that slow or seize a company’s business strategies. Whether it is company culture, psychological, political, a collection of individuals, or it is a systemic problem, the reality is clear, that no matter how successful or innovative a company currently is, they need to embrace the vital nature of continuous improvement. If not, it’s just a matter of time and global competition before a company will not achieve their potential, or even worse, may be obsoleted in their own market. This is especially true with large enterprises! An essential component of the antidote is the regular infusion of external honest brokers to complement a company’s business strategies.


Alpha Brimstone rejects complacency with the current state of performing activities and processes. We work with high caliber people on both sides solving high caliber problems. Alpha Brimstone breaks down the enterprise performance barriers by connecting agile, small business experts steeped in cross functional experience and business acumen with large enterprises to streamline business initiatives. From the onset, I was determined to not descend into mere imitation of the hordes of business development companies. If an enterprise gets a call from Alpha Brimstone, conscientiousness, consideration, and immersion already occurred.


From product concept to retirement, these small business change agents and solution architects take a methodical approach achieving holistic solutions. Continuous improvement is critical; that means change will be ever constant, but no company can afford to go fast and furiously in the wrong direction.


Beyond business development, Alpha Brimstone’s ultimate reward is the result.  The result is accelerated process optimization, transformation, and achievement of enterprise goals!